Alumnae Experience

Hear from our Alumnae about their experience with Greek Life after College.

Sorority Life...What Comes After College?
Being an engaged Greek on campus, I was always proud to be a member of Sigma Kappa. Taking on an executive role each semester was beneficial in providing me the tools I needed to be successful in life after college. My typical view of what happens after becoming an alumnae, was being able to say I was in a sorority and that I also participated on a higher level. It was a resume booster, and in some chance, might land me a job with someone who shared the bond of greek life. 
It wasn't until I attended our 50 Year Founder's Day Celebration that I had met an older alumnae who lived in my area that recommended I join the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Kappa. I didn't even know that existed, and I'm not even sure how I missed it!  You must be a part of a local alumnae chapter to be an adviser to a collegiate chapter, which is another reason why I was surprised I hadn't heard of the alumnae groups before. I had been out of school a few years, and I had already advised the chapter I belonged to in an effort to remain a part of the bond I so desperately wanted to hold on to. But there still seemed to be that connection of further involvement missing in my life. 
I immediately found comfort in connecting with the women of Sigma Kappa Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter. My favorite part of belonging was volunteering again. We served meals at Ronald McDonald House, donated to Main Sea Coast Mission, participated in the Alzheimer's Walk, donated to the Foundation, advised other local colleges that needed us, etc. We also did fun things together like going to the Beach, Phillies Games, Panhellenic Luncheons, Murder Mystery Parties, Cookie Exchanges, etc. After being involved for awhile, I wanted to help with our membership. As much as I loved the group, many of our alumnae were much older and retired, and I wanted to bond with some women my own age.
I began by recruiting the local Delta Pi's each time they graduated or in my own circle of sisters who kept in touch. I was successful in that approach, but we were still struggling to recruit new members. Through membership, I began to see a trend in young women reaching out because they were relocating and wanted desperately to know someone in the area. It was an excellent way for them to feel welcome to the City of "Sisterly" Love. 
Over the last few years, reaching the career driven or recently graduating alumnae is important. I myself have had 2 interns from Delta Pi at the company I worked at, and I'm sure many others have similar stories. I believe we could be using the power of our network for much bigger potential. After successfully recruiting some new younger members, I was asked to step up as President of the Chapter. I agreed only if I could elect some other fresh perspective executive board members. 
Over the last two years, we have been working to incorporate some more appealing events to our younger alumnae. The results of this new board are still very new, but I'm hopeful that we will be very successful in recruiting many new members. Our new Communications Team has been very involved in helping to transition some older technology for our event marketing. Our new VP of Membership has been working on recruitment focused events much like at college level to generate interest and potentially connect better with our recent local college students. Our VP of Programming has been working well with everyone to come up with ideas revolving around Moms, young career women, retired friends, and something inclusive for all. 
Overall, I believe that the future of our Alumnae Chapter is bright. Philadelphia is a HUGE city, and we are continually evolving and coming up with more strategies to engage more alumnae. It has brought me much joy to be once again challenged to keep the Sisterhood strong and surviving. These alumnae groups have incredible potential to help our sisters be placed in fantastic careers, a bigger purpose, a way to give back, self confidence and another circle of friends. I am confident that joining an Alumnae Chapter after college will also fill the empty place in your heart that you will feel once you graduate and move on from Greek Life. I'm here to tell don't have to end your involvement, in fact, it's just another beginning.
Sigma Love and Mine,
Nicole Stephenson
President of Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Kappa
Advisor to Delta Pi Vice President of Finance


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